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All fees are monthly unless noted.  All fees are subject to change at the discretion of Nasdaq. Please note that these prices do not include distributor/vendor access charges or telecommunications charges.

Global Index Data Services | Annual Administration Fees

Nasdaq Global Index Data Service (GIDS)
Entitlement Name Security Coverage Monthly Fee
Distributor Fees
GIDS Distributor Fee - Internal Nasdaq Indexes 1 to 100 subscribers: $850
101+ subscribers: $2,500
GIDS Distributor Fee - External Nasdaq Indexes 1 to 499 subscribers: $3,500
500 to 9,999 subscribers: $8,500
10,000 to 29,999 subscribers: $12,500
30,000+ subscribers: Contact Nasdaq for details
GIDS Direct Access Nasdaq Indexes $2,000 per firm
GIDS Derived Nasdaq Indexes $1,000 per firm
GIDS Delayed Distributor Fee – *Delayed 15 Minutes Internal Nasdaq Indexes 1 to 99 subscribers: $500 per firm
100+ subscribers: $850 per firm
GIDS Delayed Distributor Fee – *Delayed 15 Minutes External Nasdaq Indexes 1 to 999 subscribers: $1,000 per firm
1000+ subscribers: $1,500 per firm
Hosted Solution
Per Delayed Hosted Firm Nasdaq Indexes $250
Per Real-Time Hosted Firm Nasdaq Indexes $750
Enterprise License Nasdaq Indexes $20,000


For Nasdaq real-time data feed products, the distributor fees are assessed on subscribers that receive Nasdaq information in a data feed format. This product is also covered by Nasdaq monthly administration fee(s). Refer to Nasdaq Data Policies for details.


For opportunities to distribute index data, please contact your Nasdaq Global Information Services Account Manager.

All distributors of Nasdaq proprietary data are subject to the Nasdaq monthly Administration Fee. The fee is assessed upon a firm based on its highest level of service. See the Nasdaq Data Policies for additional information.